Garforth Residents Rally to Complain About ‘Scandalous waste of public money’:

Garforth Residents Rally to Complain About ‘Scandalous waste of public money’:

Two streets in Garforth have joined together to raise the issue of sub-standard Highways work when Colas, acting for Leeds City Council, resurfaced their streets with micro-asphalt.

Brunswick Gardens and Pinfold Lane in Garforth were resurfaced last month. Already the old road surface is exposed, there are surface tears in the road where wagons, including council bin wagons, have manoeuvred, and kerb sides that previously offered flood protection have been covered.

Local resident Darren Walker said;

“The council claims that, at a fifth of the price of resurfacing the road, micro-asphalt is a viable alternative to traditional methods. Well, not in this case. This has been a scandalous waste of public money”.

Councillor Mark Dobson, Garforth and Swillington Independents, said;

“I met thirty concerned householders on site. Already there were holes in this road. I could actually get my fingers under the new surface and pull at it. In ten years on the council I’ve never seen such a poor job, which has upset so many local people. I’ve insisted Colas are not paid for this shambolic effort”.

Councillor Sarah Field, Garforth and Swillington Independents, added;

“We intend to meet with the Chief Officer of Highways to press for this insult to residents to be rectified immediately to an acceptable standard”.