Our Letter to the YEP on the Headingley Cricket Deal

Along with The Green Party and The Morley Borough Independents we asked the councils Executive Board that the decision to effectively underwrite a 35 million, 40 year, loan to Yorkshire County Cricket Club and Leeds Rugby, when YCCC are already multi-millions of pounds in debt, was subject to the proper Call-In procedures of the council.

This is where Councillors have the opportunity to test the robustness of the councils decisions and is an essential part of the democratic process. Sadly the Council’s Executive Board chose to ignore this request and passed the decision for implementation.

The Labour-controlled Leeds City Council have exposed us to a risk by supporting an, in a time of austerity, unnecessary debt with no attempt to allow a proper debate and a forensic interrogation of the evidence as one would expect for such a massive commitment.

Basically we are taking the head lease on the refurbished stands and the ground as, presumably, the lender doesn’t believe the recipient/s are in a position to pay back plus interest but, remarkably, we do? At the very least Councillors should have had the opportunity to look at the fine print rather than the Executive railroading this hugely risky commitment through?

Democracy in Leeds is not being served but Cllr Blake and her colleagues can rest assured we will continue to hold them to full and proper account as the electorate would expect.

Councillor Mark Dobson

Councillor Sarah Field

Garforth & Swillington Independents

Councillor Janette Walker

Independent, Cross Gates & Whinmoor